A CSRA built user-friendly, modular provider enrollment application designed to elevate your business needs into the cloud.
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The CSRA Provider Enrollment Module is a piece of CSRA’s larger next generation Medicaid solution, TRANSCEND. The product has been built from the ground up to meet MITA modularity level 3 and above requirements, as well as the conditions and standards expected by CMS.

By creating an entirely new provider enrollment system with modern technologies wrapped in a sleek user-centric design, we've delivered on the promise of next generation Medicaid modules.
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Performant and Evolving Features
TRANSCEND to ALL Enrollment Needs
By intelligently guiding the user down the correct path, our system assures that all the right information is gathered with 100% accuracy.
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Fully Customizable

No matter what your provider enrollment process needs, TRANCSEND PE is capable of fulfilling them. With a visual editor and the capability of building out a full enrollment form online, your business team can engage to produce a sleek modern form without any programming expertise needed.

Even your back office processes can be automated with an intuitive, checklist-based tracking solution to ensure each and every enrollment application receives the scrutiny it needs.

TRANSCEND to Any Platform
Since TRANCSEND PE is built to be fully responsive, feel free to get the job done on any device you see fit.
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